Become proficient in areas that give results.

Your photo booth or 360 booth business may be doing great, but is it at the level where you want to be? Are you hitting the goals that you set out? We aim to focus on the areas of the business that are often overlooked, but make a massive difference! These are just a few of the areas we will be coaching on:

  • Stand out and dominate in your market

  • Attract corporate clients, conventions, high ticket events

  • Properly implement SEO and understand google algorithm

  • Hire & keep staff with low turnover

  • Create advanced templates & animated 360 overlays

  • Construct automations and workflows to save time

  • Use advanced software, CRM, tools & features

  • Switch from working the business to guiding the business

Course curriculum

    1. Put in the work and let your results do the talking...

    2. B. Method

    3. Assignment - Discovery

    1. Photo Booth Ranking Pt. 1

    2. Assignment - Goal Setting

    1. New Zoom Links

    1. Photo Booth Ranking Pt. 2

    1. Business Processes and Flows

    2. 2017 Megalux Process Flow

    3. Boothbook Event Details Webforms

    1. Exploring and Utilizing BoothBook Features

About this program


Michael C Barber III